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Travel Update: Shanghai, Day 3

Today we met with Kat’s cousin Iris, who has been in China for the last 11 months as part of her position in a hotel management training program. We had arranged to meet her at a metro stop, which proved to be challenging because we (a) slept in and (b) had not used the Shanghai […]

Shanghai Skyline

Travel Update: Shanghai, Day 2

This morning we began with failure. We slept in and missed breakfast, and were thus quite hungry by the time we headed out to search for the public bus to Zhūjiājiǎo, an ancient canal town about an hour away. We had some trouble finding the bus depot. Due to the language barrier, we had to […]

Door Knocker

Travel Update: Shanghai, Day 1

Today was our first full day in Shanghai, and we made sure to hit the big sights. We had a leisurely breakfast at the buffet downstairs (which, sadly, did not stock Ice Fruit is Treasure) before strolling over to Old Town. We took some well-frequented side-streets that were lined with tiny shops. These shops are […]

Building on the Bund

Travel Update: Shanghai, Day 0

Today we travelled to Shanghai. It was a doubly big day because arrived in Shanghai at the same time. More on that in a minute. We kicked off our morning with a stroll through the streets. Kat ate her leftover pizza from the night before, and I got some street food.

Big Goose Pagoda

Travel Update: Xi’an, Day 3

Oh man, oh man, did we do some stuff today. Sit down, let me tell you all about it. We kicked off the morning with a quick breakfast at our hotel’s buffet. We felt a little guilty eating at the same place twice, but we had places to be and no time to be original. […]