Lantau Island

Travel Update: Lantau Island

This week we mostly kicked back and relaxed in Hong Kong itself. Aside from generally getting to know our neighborhood, and I went to Lantau Island with some friends from school. Kat was in Malaysia for the weekend, so she was stuck in Kuala Lumpur with adorable monkeys and elephants (and Patrick, another friend from […]

Droplets in Macau

Travel Update: Hong Kong, Week 2 and Macau

The Chinese know how to kick off a school semester – with a holiday in the second week of classes. And don’t say “What about Labour Day?” – I mean a real holiday, with celebrations and traditions and history. This week we celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival (or Moon Festival), one of the three big seasonal festivals in Chinese culture. It’s a pretty big deal here – it’s like an amalgamation of Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve and Thanksgiving, except that it has floating lanterns.

Journey Into the Future

Travel Update: Hong Kong, Week 1

We’ve now been in Hong Kong for a week (well, a week and a half), and it is treating us well. It has been a period of gradual adaptation and has featured markedly less adventure than the preceding weeks. But that doesn’t mean that there has been no adventure. We’ve been to Disneyland and mountaintops and […]

Kat, Heidi and Me

Travel Update: Hong Kong, Day 0

I left for Hong Kong today. I’m flying with Kat;  will be meeting us in Shanghai next week. Kat and I came to the airport with family – I with , my mother and my maternal grandmother, and Kat with her parents.

A red Chinese lion plushie attempting to scale a miniature Eiffel tower

On Jetsetting

In two days I will be leaving for Hong Kong. I will be there for a 4-month exchange term with Hong Kong University. I will be travelling and living with my Amelia, my wife, and Katharina Spötzl, a friend from law school who will also be on exchange.