Starting Fresh
Christopher Scott
Christopher Scott

Hello again!

It has been seven years, going on eight, since I last wrote here. That was a hectic time; I became a father and switched career paths in the span of a few weeks. There has been quite a lot of living since then; I won’t bore you with the details.

This is admittedly a change! I used this space to share mundanities - course notes, travel logs, career decisions, pregnancy complications, and so on. These may not have been unique, but they were mine. It felt right to share them freely and honestly, like I was doing my small bit to advance a utopian project towards universal understanding. A bit starry-eyed of me in retrospect. Nowadays I don’t mind so much when a tree falls unheard. And in any event, my children’s (and spouse’s!) stories are not mine to tell. The time for blog-as-journal has passed.

I’ve considered turning off the lights. Part of me holds out hope that there’s still room for the occasional writing out here, in public. I’m not sure what, but I’d like to find out.

So: let’s give it a whirl. I’ve cleared out the cobwebs, put away the old posts, and made space for something new. Let’s see what moves in.