Daniel Yule and Darcy McCleod standing on stage in tuxedo and dress

Congratulations Daniel and Darcy!

I spent this last week up in Prince George (my hometown) for the wedding of Daniel Yule and Darcy McLeod. As a consequence, I don’t really have a substantive post for this week. I promise to make up for it next week.

In the meantime, I leave you with my best wishes for the newlyweds and a few of my favourite photos of the occasion.

Seated guests facing a drawn curtain on stage
The wedding was held in the Prince George Playhouse, a theatre in which Daniel had hosted a play only a month prior.
A groomsman pouring a liquid into a paper-maché volcano.
Daniel enlisted the aid of a groomsman in preparing the traditional unity volcano.
The groom and a saucy intruder fighting sword-to-cane on stage
Daniel was forced to duel with the lone objector.
The bride's wedding cake topper appeared to be about to stab the groom's topper.
The cake toppers really captured the essence of the couple’s relationship.
A pocket watch, engraved with the text "Mr. Scott"
Each of the groomsmen received an engraved pocket watch, for that touch of class.

I’ll be uploading many more photos to Google+ and Facebook, but I felt that the moments above captured some of my fondest memories of the event (there were others, but I didn’t get photos of all of them). In my opinion, they are worth sharing with the world.