Terracotta Figurines

Travel Update: Xi’an, Day 2

Our second day in Xi’an was the structured sightseeing day. Although there are many sights worth seeing near our hotel (as we are staying in a fairly historic district within the city walls), many attractions are as much as an hour away by car. Today was our day for attempting these less local spots.

Xi'an Drum Tower

Travel Update: Xi’an, Day 1

We spent our first day in Xi’an today. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you about how we got there. Because flights from Hong Kong to mainland China are treated like international flights, it is much cheaper to fly from the city of Guangzhou, which is in mainland China just across from […]


Travel Update: Hong Kong, Day 1

As you may have heard, my friend Kat and I are in Hong Kong. Today was our first full day in the city, and we took the opportunity to get some adventurin’ done.

But before we got to our day full of taking in the sites and sounds of Hong Kong, we started off with a taste of home. At least, that was the hope. We had our hotel’s Western buffet breakfast, which was a novel amalgamation of Continental foods, Asian fruits, waiters clad in British server’s attire and Fox news playing in the background. Oh, and prices that we Canadians were more familiar with – each of our breakfasts cost more than both of our previous night’s dinners combined. So I guess they had their bases covered.