The Barristers and Solicitors' Oath

On Becoming a Lawyer

It has been a while since my last update – and for good reason! The last year has been quite busy, and has gotten in the way of my already-irregular blogging habits. Most of the last year has involved work, which is to be expected. If you’re reading these words, you likely already know that […]


Travel Update: Osaka

On our first day in Japan, we explore Dotonbori, the acquarium, the science museum, and Osaka Tower. More importantly: lots of delicious food!

Singapore at Night

Travel Update: Singapore

We spend four days in Singapore, which is a living vision of a future full of fantastic sights, theatre, animals, architecture, fire-eating, and more!

Lantau Island

Travel Update: Lantau Island

This week we mostly kicked back and relaxed in Hong Kong itself. Aside from generally getting to know our neighborhood, and I went to Lantau Island with some friends from school. Kat was in Malaysia for the weekend, so she was stuck in Kuala Lumpur with adorable monkeys and elephants (and Patrick, another friend from […]